Under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act, Hildersham Parish Council, in common with every other public authority, must always show regard for conserving biodiversity. (See also the Biodiversity Strategy for England: Biodiversity 2020).

Pollinator Action Plan

In the spring of 2020, Hildersham Parish Council demonstrated their concern for biodiversity by giving formal support to the Pollinator Action Plan (for more information on PAPs, see the Horseheath PC website).

One of the principal concerns of the PAP is to encourage bees, which play a very important role in the pollination of plants that provide food for all of us.

(More on local pollinators).


In recent years, bees have been finding it ever more difficult to survive, especially as the countryside is suffering contamination by chemicals from pesticides and weedkillers. In time to come, more than 30 species of bees could become extinct.

Gardens free of weed-killers and pesticides can also grow flowers that encourage bees: buttercups, red clover, nepita (cat mint), annual dahlias, cornflowers, hellebores, lavender, alliums, caryopteris, verbena bonariensis, and muscari.


Part of the thinking behind the Pollinator Action Plan incorporates a strategy designed to encourage councils to reconsider a desire for neatness and tidiness, and to let “neatly-mown grass verges become mini meadows where wildflowers and wildlife can flourish”. Bees, of course, love displays of wild flowers such as these – such as cow-parsley.

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Photographs request

Do any Hildersham residents or visitors have any photographs of verges or gardens with the sort of flowers that attact bees that could be included on this page?  If so, please contact the Parish Council.


Habitat Maps (2015):

(CPERC will be updating these maps at some future time)

Hildersham Broad Habitat Map Centre

Hildersham Broad Habitat Map North

Hildersham Broad Habitat Map South

Hildersham Broad Habitat Map

Hildersham Phase 1 Parish map 1 North

Hildersham Phase 1 Parish map 2 Centre

Hildersham Phase 1 Parish map 3 South

Hildersham species list CPERC records 09-2015 v1