Biodiversity Champions across Hildersham (April 2024)

Town Green 

Town Green, with germander speedwells


Town Green, with buttercups

Cllr. Tom Barton Owen  inserting stake and information sheet (see right) on Town Green


Information sheet in place

Forge Green 

Residents Jill Heale, Dana Amlin and Hector help search Forge Green for a suitable location for the information sheet

Online aids to identifying wild flowers:

Phillips, R., Wild Flowers of Britain



Cllr. Tom Barton Owen inserting stake and information sheet amongst the daffodils on Forge Green


Information Sheets: particular thanks to:

Emma Copham
Lynne Hartland
Jenny Logan

and other volunteers, residents and Parish Councillors



“The Children’s Church Council have encouraged wild flowers and grasses and built homes for birds and insects and mammals. Look out for more blackboards.”

“Summer Meadow” – The small summer meadow has been enlarged to encourage further spread of harebells and other wild flowers.


Display of germander speedwells


“Our churchyard is nurturing wildlife. Please wander our wiggly paths and you might spot the residents of our houses and hotels.”

Wild Clary (rare wild flower)

Churchyard grasses, Summer 2021 (photo: Liz Brooker) – The churchyard grasses include: fescue; red fescue; common rye; couch grass; cock’s foot grass; meadow foxtail; barren brome grass; chalk false brome; wood melick grass; and yorkshire fog.

With thanks to:

Liz Brooker
Kate Huntsman
Anne-Marie Melloy
Kirsten Newble
Amanda Palmer
and the
Hildersham Children’s Church Council

(Photos: JMK, unless indicated)