Flooding: Links, Advice

Prepare for flooding (Gov.UK)

Flooding: – Advice if flooding is imminent (South Cambs. website)

Immediate action

If a flood is expected shortly, you should:

• act now by moving cars, pets, food, valuables and important documents to safety
• put flood protection equipment in place
turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if safe to do so

You should try to stop any water from getting into your home by:

putting plugs in sinks and baths and weighing them down with sandbags, pillowcases or plastic bags filled with garden soil, or heavy objects

If you don’t have valves fitted which allow the flow of water in one direction (non-return valves), you should:

plug water inlet pipes with towels or cloths
disconnect any equipment that uses water (like washing machines and dishwashers)

(from Flood Sense, Flood Protection Handbook, 2011, pgs. 8-9).

See also www.floodsense.co.uk; tel: 01760 722 758

What do do in a flood


Preparing for Flooding:

  • prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents
  • check flood warnings


Flood Warnings:

River and sea levels in England (GOV.UK)

River level: River Granta at Linton  (GOV.UK)

Flood warnings for England

Flood warnings (BBC)

Weather warnings (BBC)

Recovery after a Flood:

How to recover after a flood  (GOV.UK)

(see also After the Flood, pg. 24-28)


Longer Term Flood Prevention Measures:

Cambridgeshire approves a new flood strategy (Mar 2022)

Cambridgeshire Flood Strategy (March 2022)

Flood map for planning (GOV.UK):

Likelihood of flooding in a particular area (once you have found the relevant map, you can move the marker on the map to identify a specific location.)

  • Flood barriers
  • Natural Flood Management
  • Trees
  • Sustainable Drainage
  • River Dredging

Natural solutions boosted to help prevent floods (BBC):

e.g., creating sustainable drainage systems

General Information:

Thesis – Flood Risk Assessment: Linton Catchment of Granta – 2006

Land Drainage Act 1991

Land Drainage Act 1994

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